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Wanna know what bothers me? People abusing animals. Fuck that noise.

"Farm to Fridge" shows you the inner shit of poeple. Society as a whole is fucked up. If anyone can seriously lay a finger on an animal that can’t fight back, they have some serious problems.

I know, “we eat meat”, fucking cool. That doesn’t mean that we need to torture the damn chickens and cows. 

That’s awfully shitty. 

And the fact that in cities when they have pitbulls in shelters, they’re forced to put them down(even puppies), to keep people from fighting them, just shows me how awful people really are. 

Ya know, when I’m older, maybe I’ll make a shelter to house animals that have been abused. To give them better lives. Yeah. I’m a good fucking person. I’d love to help those less fortunate than me.. Whether it be the animals that can’t speak up for themselves, homeless people, abused children, all that good shit. I’m one of the very few good people left in the world and idgaf who you are, if you need help, I’m about it.

Save the helpless.


I know nobody is going to read this sooo, I’m just gonna talk about life and shit, cool.

So my life is basically, this, my boyfriend and my awesome dog.

It’s pretty legit, I know.

Uhm, I had surgery, lived at physical therapy, that shit was ridiculous.

I bought a computer. And a pool. All with my grad money, say what?

Cody, my boyfriend, is a cute little shit. I love him.

That’s about all I got. 

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